Month: August 2020

Bridging information gaps, one community at a time.

Cubans looking for freedom increasingly land in Panama

PANAMA CITY, Panama – For Yordany Castillo Leyva, the decision to leave Cuba was a question of life and death. As a former forensic medical examiner, Castillo had seen his share of dead bodies. Two years into his job at a Havana hospital, he said he noticed something strange about some of the victims brought…
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Story of school policing rooted in fights for civil rights, education equality

Since the May 25 killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police, there has been a wave of advocacy that has successfully removed police officers from public schools. But Floyd’s murder did not start the movement. It added fuel to a fire that has burned for decades in communities of color.  The story of school policing is…
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What was lost in Brown v. Board of Education

In most schools, the landmark Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education is taught as a major victory for reaching equality in education. The 1954 decision desegregated schools and united Black and white students under one roof.  What they don’t mention is what the nation lost after Brown versus Board of Education, and how it…
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Ahead of ‘public charge’ change, advocates struggle to keep Hispanic families enrolled in benefits

By Anthony Wallace, Daja Henry and Luke Simmons/Special for Cronkite News PHOENIX – Cynthia Aragon stands in an elementary school library in south Phoenix, facing a group of parents not so different from her own – 11 Latinas, some in the country legally and some not. One mother is talking about her third grader, who…
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