Cubans looking for freedom increasingly land in Panama

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Cubans looking for freedom increasingly land in Panama

PANAMA CITY, Panama – For Yordany Castillo Leyva, the decision to leave Cuba was a question of life and death.

As a former forensic medical examiner, Castillo had seen his share of dead bodies. Two years into his job at a Havana hospital, he said he noticed something strange about some of the victims brought to his autopsy table.

Authorities told him a 15-year-old girl and a 21-year-old man had died in a car accident. But he said he found marks consistent with strangulation and blows to the abdomen. A few weeks later, he had another body with the same story.

Story originally published on Cronkite News. Click here to read the full story. Also published in the Arizona Daily Independent. Header photo by Marcus Xavier Chormicle.


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